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Are elliptical exercise machines good for you
Are elliptical exercise machines good for you

Are elliptical exercise machines good for you?

Elliptical exercise machines provide you with a low impact, highly intensive workout that cannot be rivalled by other fitness equipment.

They are perfectly safe to use because they do not harm your joints and bones and even those suffering from heart disease can get the workout they need on these machines.

When it comes to getting a good cardiovascular workout, elliptical machines provide you with the best possible workout. Pregnant women, people recovering from an accident or even those with arthritis will be able to get the exercise they need for a healthy heart and body.

When you use an elliptical machine, you stand on foot pedals and the machine moves in an elliptical pattern, it closely simulates the natural movements of your feet and legs when you are walking or running and with models that have moveable arms, you target all the major muscle groups in your body.

Using the reverse motion available on most newer models, you get to target the same muscles in different ways.

You can adjust the speed, incline to maximize your cardio fitness on an elliptical machine. It provides you with a better workout for your heart than weightlifting or other types of equipment.

Some machines have a heart rate monitor built in that gives you a readout of your pulse rate and with heart rate programs preset into the machine, you can enter your target heart rate and the machine will automatically adjust to the resistance level you need.

The elliptical motion feels very natural and compliments the normal body movements, Therefore an elliptical exercise will require less exertion than other types of exercise, but works the cardio muscles and burns up more calories than treadmills and stairsteppers.

The elliptical machines are not only safe, but they are fun to use. This means you will look forward to exercising and it will be an enjoyable part of your day.


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